Our Company's History
Timco Instruments was established in September of 1982, when the company was purchased from W.B. (Bob) Carruth, Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland. Some of the instruments manufactured today have been supplied to electric utility industry workmen for more than fifty years.

W.B. (Bob) Carruth
In the early 1950's, a major investor owned utility in Maryland developed high voltage indicators, cable identification equipment, and low voltage fault locating equipment to suit their particular requirements.In the early 1960's they needed to search for a local manufacturer to mass produce the equipment that they had developed. Service Instruments Corporation, which was created by Bob Carruth and Frank Moran, was selected to build this equipment. Bob Carruth was responsible for the improvements to many of the test instruments. While employed by the Bendix Corporation, Bob developed circuits for which patents were issued in the early development of solid state radios for the automobile industry. In 1975, Mr. Carruth left Service Instruments Corporation, which is no longer in business, and introduced a line of equipment with improved performance under the name of W.B. Carruth, Inc.

Having known both companies since their inception, we were excited at the opportunity to purchase W.B.Carruth, Inc. in September of 1982. Since then, we have continued to improve the performance and value of the instruments. In 1985, TIMCO INSTRUMENTS became a division of our family corporation, Power Technologies, Ltd. which was known as Fitzhugh Electrical Corporation.

Today, TIMCO INSTRUMENTS, LLC is represented throughout the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada and we are fortunate to have a growing list of customers. We also continue to work with electric utilities on instrument development projects as well as provide service for S.I. Corporation and W.B. Carruth, Inc. instruments still in use. Our success in the electric utility industry is founded on the fact that our instruments are developed with utilities and providing them with the equipment they need for utility applications.

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