Polarity Phasing Device
Low Energy
Cable Phasing System
Cat. No. 530501

The Polarity Phasing Device ( P.P.D.) is a Low voltage cable phasing system for use on de-energized conductors. The Polarity Phasing Device eliminates the confusion and errors in phasing when using headsets or other makeshift techniques.

Technical Description:
The POLARITY PHASING DEVICE uses 6 volt battery power to to establish a low voltage "polarized" detecting source on a cable conductor and uses an LED system to receive the polarized source.

The transmitting unit is equipped with large copper alligator clips to connect to the cable conductor/conductors. The batteries can be replaced in the transmitter and may only be replaced in the polarized position which eliminates incorrect indications while phasing.

The detecting unit is also equipped with a large copper alligator clip to connect to ground and has two interchangeable brass tips to probe the cable conductors. One is 3" long and the other is 12" long. No power source is needed for the detector except for the source from the transmitter. Two LED lamps, arranged by polarity, light to indicate the phase you are in contact with.

Polarity Phasing Device Specifications

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